Modernism Week Featured Home - Hidden Frey

Event Starts: Tue , Feb 20, 2018

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Event Description
"Hidden Frey" is a rare opportunity to tour a newly restored 1966 tennis estate designed by renowned Palm Springs architect Albert Frey. Recently acquired by Thomboy Properties, known for their successful transformation of 20+ homes in Palm Springs, this property will debut for public tours during Modernism Week 2018.

Dubbed "Hidden Frey", the property is relatively unknown even by Palm Springs architectural historians and because it is sunken from the street and truly hidden from view. In Albert Frey's archives, the property is known as the "Hollingsworth Tennis Estate, 1966".

The story, as it's told, is that WI Hollingsworth purchased the lot and wanted to build a tennis estate adjacent to the Racquet Club. Charlie Farrell is said to have protested the development because he did not want the eyesore of the chain link fence, commonly associated with tennis courts, in proximity to his Racquet Club.

As a developer Hollingsworth had the means and the vision to excavate the lot below street level so as to minimize visibility of his estate and thereby gaining the necessary permits and approval from the City of Palm Springs. In an effort to "repay" Charlie Farrell for his generosity of spirit he hired Albert Frey, who was at the time working on Farrell's Schiff House at the Racquet Club, to design his new tennis estate. And so the Hollingsworth house was created by Albert Frey.

At first glance one can easily recognize a few quintessential Frey characteristics: rolled roof, cantilevered carport, and an elevated pool. At just over 1,900 sf, the demure home fronts directly onto the tennis court with a large outdoor entertaining space, three bedrooms, and four bathrooms on a 15,682 sf gated lot. This small but remarkable property is a rare opportunity to experience Desert Modernism as it was intended.

Proceeds from this event will support Modernism Week's mission of providing educational programming, funding student scholarships and supporting architectural preservation in Palm Springs.

As a special addition to all events at the Hidden Frey Tees + Jeans of Abbot Kinney will host a Levi's vintage denim and custom t-shirts pop-up shop with artist Shawn Savage, whose artwork and mural is featured at the home. Guests are invited to bring their own denim or score some new goodies from the shop and have them customized on-site at the Levi Tailor Shop. Limited edition Modernism Week x Shawn Savage and event-exclusive pins and patches will also be available.
Event Restrictions

This tour is produced by Modernism Week.

Comfortable, slip on style shoes suggested.

Ages 12 and over, please.